Business Model

The SWAN business model is well suited to success because it will:

Quickly bridge the digital divide, allowing everyone to benefit from truly affordable and accessible internet and cell phone services by 2023; Support the rollout of 5G, ahead of the 2025 target, for all rural and hard to reach areas, worldwide;


Provide a superior service to other options, in terms of cost, speed and bandwidth;


Deliver data transfer and real-time tracking for both commercial and government clients;


Include a worldwide service offer of high speed internet, cell phone and digital television services, all well beyond 5G capabilities;


Offer alternative options for internet search and social media that protect personal data and privacy;


Mean lower environmental impact than the mid and low earth orbit satellite constellation alternatives, all of which would involve significant rocket launch emissions and space debris risks;


Eliminate the instability and low bandwidth problems of the single-technology high altitude systems;


Avoid the unsustainably high costs of laying fibre optic cables everywhere and the short lifespan and unnecessary ocean coverage of the mid and low-earth orbit options.