SWAN will be a hybrid system of high powered geosynchronous satellites, combined with stationary high altitude platforms (HAPs) operating at 60,000 feet. These “cell towers in the sky” will utilize the microwave w-band frequencies, which offer incredible speed and bandwidth. W-band frequencies have not previously been utilized because of power and other technical challenges, but these have now been resolved thanks to recent advances in technology.

This is what we are building:

A network of w-band high altitude platforms (HAPs) operating at 60K feet. These stationary balloon-drone combination platforms will deliver digital services that require low latency including:

–     High Speed cable-free Internet (many times faster than the coming 5G and with no data caps)

–     Cellular Phone Services

4 geosynchronous high powered w-band satellites. These will be powered by solar arrays similar to those used on the ISS (proven technology), and will deliver non latency critical services including:

–     Digital Television

–     Large Data Transfers

–     Tracking of packages, ships, containers, smart vending machines, etc.

Here are some of the reasons SWANsat™ is unique:

–     SWAN will operate as a completely secure, independent, global data transfer system with in-air routers that will operate like ground based fiber routers.

–     Our High Altitude Platforms (HAPs) will have receivers/transmitters that allow them to communicate with each other in the air in the w-band, but will also have receivers/transmitters pointed at the ground that can be keyed to the telecom frequencies in each country, to seamlessly support their 5G phones and devices.

–     SWAN’s HAPs will also have w-band receivers/transmitters pointed at the ground to support a concurrent rollout of SWAN phones, TV boxes and modems, all running at speeds much faster than 5G.

–     As technologies improve, we can easily lower our HAPs systems to the ground, outfit with them new transmitters/receivers/chipset/software, and re-deploy (this is much cheaper and far more environmentally sustainable than continually launching thousands of new medium or low-Earth orbit satellites). We will have HAP capture and re-deployment facilities on each continent, several on the larger ones.

–     Our phones, internet modems, and TV set top boxes will operate peer to peer, which will offer unprecedented data security and privacy in communications that is not available today.